LED RGB Strips are ready!

Next phase of the light show for my 8 year-old room-mate’s birthday party.  There are several hurdles in this:  learning how to use RGB LED strips, learning how to use El Panels, and then mounting them in a pleasant way.  The programming part is easy, but the initial hookup, hello world, and the soldering (the […]

Arduino Lights Day

(Picture from Mokindo blogon making.) Working on a light show for my GF’s daughter’s 8th birthday party with @mokindo (aka Toby). Reminds me of how much I love making stuff and how rewarding it is to push through various learning curves. Toby and I used this as a way to work as a team rather […]

Can’t believe I haven’t heard this great quote before:

It pays to check out everything in Make Magazine. This line from Dieter Rams is a little bubble over the masthead: “Things which are different in order simply to be different are seldom better, but that which is made to be better is almost always different.” -Dieter Rams Ties in nicely to a rant about […]

My first robot

Going to Maker Faire is always motivating, and it always makes me regret not doing enough geek. Doing geek stuff is pretty fun (and I did it with my geologist niece who has surpassed my skills in the 1.5 years since she first started doing stuff with me.) It’s also a great way to get […]

Why no management lessons from NASA?

Scientist and science writer David Grinspoon just posted a quick Facebook update about how well NASA works. He’s at JPL with the Mars Curiosity team and posted this: After a day spent at JPL experiencing the Curiosity science and operations teams in action, my thought was – I wish the entire world worked like this. […]

Household Economics: Managing your IPs

In the last week, I faced a mid-life technology crisis. The Apple TV was getting wonky, my girlfriend’s and my iPad were intermittently slow or disconnecting, our Fitbits weren’t syncing no matter what we did, and our non 3G Kindle couldn’t connect to WiFi. I did the usual re-booting of things – router, modem, extender, […]

Annoyance == Opportunity == Trends || What I learned at NYC Hackath_n

Yesterday, I got to be a judge, thanks to my colleague Jeffery Bennet aka @meandmybadself at TechCrunch’s NYC Disrupt Hackathon. From 11:00 to 1:45, a torrent of ideas (89 in all) were presented to us in (mostly) short (mostly) one minute bursts. There’s a lot to learn and glean from these events, but for this […]

Missing the point on learning code

It’s exciting to see the debate about making code a fundamental literacy in our education system take off. At a time when the University of Florida has deleted its computer science department completely, it’s vital to talk about whether this is critical, elective, or frivolous. The weird part of the debate, though, is the backlash […]

Gamifying Learning

I’m stepping into some new responsibilities at work in the area of analytics – forcing me to engage in what Lynda Gratton calls serial mastery. I love being in a space, job, industry that constantly offers opportunities for learning and stretching, and the geek in my (going back to D&D) loves what numbers and computation […]

What FB got with Instagram #latetotheparty

This is late, of course, but prompted by an interesting phenomenon. In the two or three days after the FB-Instagram deal, there was a lot of “whoa”, “I love Instagram” followed by “hope they don’t ruin it” or “It will make Facebook so much better.” In days 3 – 8 up to now, I’m starting […]