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What FB got with Instagram #latetotheparty

This is late, of course, but prompted by an interesting phenomenon. In the two or three days after the FB-Instagram deal, there was a lot of “whoa”, “I love Instagram” followed by “hope they don’t ruin it” or “It will make Facebook so much better.” In days 3 – 8 up to now, I’m starting […]

Best iPad notification yet

I recently downloaded a bunch of digital books highlighted by Peter Meyers at OReilly Radar. Meyers is a terrific thinker about digital books, going deep on usability, design, how text should be created for ebooks, and what the medium can do to enhance reading experiences. In his “10 Innovative Digital Books” to check, he included […]

Simple video demo

via ReadWriteWeb A video mocking up a solution to the annoying string of notifications that iPhones force you to click through (and ultimately ignore cuz you’re moving so fast to get to the task at hand). A little slow/long, but some interesting things in this: iOS notifications concept from Andreas on Vimeo.

Embracing Complexity: David Simon says “Wait, wait don’t tell me”

David Simon was guest celebrity for the “Not my job” portion of the 16-April-2011 “Wait, wait! Don’t tell me!” Peter Sagall asked why he provides so little explanation of new terms or highlighting of subtle plot twists, and there was a great exchange that hits some nice notes about simplicity, simplicticism, complexity and richness (around […]

Pennant App: Disappointing Data Design

Note: The app’s designer, coder, all-around maker, responded in his blog. Some additional comments, responses to this post, in a later post. I just downloaded the Pennant iPad app. While connected to the internet, this app lets you look at every play of every game of professional baseball going back to 1951. It’s gotten glowing […]

The Zappos Voice

I’m late to the Zappos party. But my aversion, borderline phobia, of shopping in brick and mortar stores (especially for clothes) pushed me there — and now I’m seeing how they infuse a service-y charm to everything they do. I got these two emails in the space of 24 hours:

Loving/Hating the Merholz thread

I find it wholly admirable, and completely fun, that Peter Merholz ( @peterme ) chose to be so defiantly douchey about how much he dislikes advertising and marketing and loathes what it’s doing to UX. As @armano points out, it’s a refreshing counterpoint, even antidote, to the high-fiving, back-slappy, we

The Simplicity Trap: Seek Richness

One of the most dangerous, and therefore regrettable, books floating around in the various design-related industries is John Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity. The book is actually great, but in the category of “Learn it in 120 Pages” and “x Rules to Success” books, this is probably the one that creates the most dangerous reflexes. By […]

Nice little design touch from Google: attachment reminder

Only possible down-side: reminds people that your emails are being parsed for all sorts of reasons. Still, saved me from having to do a “Doh! Here’s the attachment” note.

nerdy WoW meme

In general, I think most game players don’t follow stories closely, but there are some for whom the game story is their main dose of fiction: /via Getner