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On-line algorithms #fail

Following some of the memes and political commentary on Secretary of State Clinton’s clash with Senate Republicans, I found myself over at left-liberal TPM, where I received the following ad: While it’s true that the night before, after changing the water in our fish tank, standing on a wet rug with my shoes starting to […]

An obscure, but excellent, look at Steve Jobs in action

This is a video segment from a documentary called “The New Entrpreneurs” that gets posted and taken down from youTube periodically. Every 9 months or so, I want to send it to someone and the previous link fails. Finally, it looks like the creator of the video has posted it, so it’s likely to stay. […]

Voice recognition has a ways to go, or Technology isn’t magic folks

I just left a voice mail on a friend’s phone, making plans for tomorrow night. I was offering to cook and inviting him to join me as I got our office Makerbot working. He just sent me the transcript that was generated by his phone:’ Hey, it’s, Kip. I was calling to Bostonian will. Bermer […]

iPad == high-end web appliance and that’s it

One of the smartest designers I know gave a typically compact and smart assessment of the iPad: DOA. Apple does better (in the last 10 years or so) when it re-imagines categories, not when it invents them. I’m sure I will regret saying this, but that’s how I feel right now. It does a nice […]

Kindle Fail: Shallowed reading of Bleak House

I finally hit a wall with the Kindle where I could no longer continue reading a book on the device and had to get a pressed-pulp book. The book is Dickens’s Bleak House. The factors that moved it into unKindleable, and which make me think there are serious limits to the academic application of the […]

Back to One Laptop, via the Windmills

Here’s a mini-version of the upcoming documentary about William Kamkwamba, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Watching it today, William’s comment about needing electricity to get to the internet (at 5:21) struck me: “Most people want internet technology, but they can’t use internet technology without electricity.” This reminds me of some of the smug criticisms […]

Supporting the Windmill Project

Just finishing The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind as the author, William Kamkwamba caps off his US speaking tour with a Daily Show interview (tomorrow). With the money he has raised, William has added solar panels to his village, another windmill and has achieved his goal of irrigating the land for a second season of […]

Mindstorm Team-Building: Better than climbing walls together

Interesting read in May 2009 issue Servo Magazine, which I got free at Maker Faire about new ways to teach groups. The writer/editor, Bryan Bergeron, teaches a course on technology and the future of healthcare at Harvard Medical School. Each year, a session of the class simulates the creation of a business to give students […]

Maker Faire — cool, but not so much on the Re-newable

Psyche! I finally made it to Maker Faire and it was every bit as fun, interesting, and inspiring as I hoped. It was big and massive with welded giants of art and smashery. It was cool and witty with installations that made you laugh and wonder how the hell they did it. It was people-focused, […]

MAKErs, Hackers, Tinkerers saving the world

During President Obama’s Inaugural Address, lots of people got jazzed, and many tweeted about supporting, celebrating, and being “”the risk takers, the doers, and the makers of things.” MAKE Magazine is building the Maker Faire and the most recent issue of the magazine about the transformative power of DIY — to innovate,to satisfy, and to […]