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What FB got with Instagram #latetotheparty

This is late, of course, but prompted by an interesting phenomenon. In the two or three days after the FB-Instagram deal, there was a lot of “whoa”, “I love Instagram” followed by “hope they don’t ruin it” or “It will make Facebook so much better.” In days 3 – 8 up to now, I’m starting […]

Goodreads reviews as art form

Nearly two years ago, I gushed about how great is. A social site where people record what they’ve read, are reading, just finished reading, or intend to read, is a way find great book recommendations, connect with readers with similar interests (socially, or as a resource), and if I were brave enough to […]

Facebook Designery: The Way Users Should Be

Via Alex Rainert (@arainert,, an excellent article about Facebook Messages that is a perfect example of how easy it is to get design thinking wrong. The article titled “Why Facebook Badly Needs Steve Jobs” is rich with examples of all the things you can get wrong in the design space: Oversimplification of the space […]

Best couple pics on FB

Ben’s profile pic is of him, very coolly/very dramatically, kicking a cinder block’s ass: For her profile pic, Ben’s wife, Christie has a shot of her kicking his ass: How much do I love this/them?

The Execution Tweet

Mark Shurtleff (twitter: MarkShurtleff), AG of Utah, last week twittered: his plan to give a go-ahead order to have an inmate executed; the go-ahead order to the Dept of Corrections, and an announcement for the press conference (“as soon as I’m told [the inmate] is dead”). There was some outrage/protest at these tweets, to which […]

My best/favorite FB interaction EVER . . .

This is just super-awesome-cool trippy. Everything that’s fun about social media — serendipity, diverse circles coming together, fun conversations. It started with a fun fact that I picked up from Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food: our digestive tracts have as many neurons (the cells that think in our brains) in them as do our […]

Reductionism/Simplisticism: “Different Versions of a Single Story”

“power is the ability not only to tell the story of another person, but to make it the definitive story of that person” – Chimamanda Adichie This might be a top 5 TED talk, for its power, clarity of concept, and speaker presence. Nigerian novelist (and Booker shortlister) Chimamanda Adichie solves the riddle of the […]

The dull fate of all twitterers, even the best

The urge to share

I had a conversation recently about what it means to post pictures on Flickr. I recently bought a pretty expensive camera (Canon EOS XTi) because I was starting to care enough about what I was recording to put money into some equipment that could compensate for my lack of talent and knowledge. After posting a […]

Mars Phoenix is my anthropomorphic robot friend

But will it be my FB friend?