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The War Room Mantra

Briefing a team on interactive is a balance between reductive over-simplification and excessive detailing of requirements. Everyone knows this. It was part of what made planning an art, it’s why agencies struggle with things like channel-neutral briefs. One of the best examples of a project brief comes from the 1993 documentary The War Room. I’ve […]

The internet & new media as they are meant to be

This video is the kind of thing that originally got me excited about the web and new media tools: someone with a compelling story to tell has the tools to make it engaging and a channel for putting it out there and finding an audience. Leaving aside the politics, this piece adds up to something […]

Si Possiamo!

– from today’s NYT

to the finish line

From today’s, an interesting insight into Obama, a surprising toughness, and leadership in long campaigns: Indeed, Barack Obama himself hopped on a nationwide all-staff conference call Friday to emphasize this point to the troops. Pledging to “come down hard” on anyone getting “too cocky,” Obama specifically and pre-emptively called out any semblance of lack […]

I’ve learned to like Bush

as a person . . . and I think that’s a healthy thing . . . really. Not long after the Republican convention, there was a Facebook group called “Intelligent Women Against Palin.” At the time I remember twittering something like “[kipbot] thinks intelligent ______ against anything republican kind of proves their point.” Leaving aside […]

How liberals distort time

When John Kerry was slipping in the polls a month out from election day, liberals fretted that there wasn’t enough time to get back on track. Now, with Obama ahead by at least twice as much as Kerry was down, it’s a political eternity in which something can go wrong. “Great kid! don’t get cocky.”

Silhouettes of Presidents and Contenders

The NY Times had a deviously clever piece about candidate physiques and their impact on Presidential elections today. Leading with the explanation that they were exploring the claim that Americans might not relate to Obama’s “slender physique”, they did a height and weight analysis of the major candidates, going back to 1896. It would seem […]

Psychology of Polls

This election has been weird for me with the polls. The biggest riddle for me has been: why, in a race that the media describe as a dead heat, has John McCain been throwing hail Mary passes, acting in such a desperate fashion? The most frequent answer is that the media wants drama so that […]

Numerati Generation Gap: Nate Silver & Dan Rather

Fun interview by Dan Rather of fivethirtyeight’s Nate Silver: Some interesting things to note: it’s fun to look at Dan Rather’s bemused near-smirk. You can just hear him thinking “you dork, why don’t you stick to baseball stats” the number of times Rather refers to complex statistical methods for either the baseball work or the […]

Everything is SABERMetrics, even politics

As part of my poll-obsessing, I finally checked out fivethirtyeight, recommended to me by Alex. Short version is that Nate Silver, the author of the site, is also a leader of Baseball Prospectus. He is credited with creating the very powerful PECOTA system, which rethinks baseball statistics — mostly through pure intelligence, but there is […]