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“What bothers me about management books … nobody does it.”

McKinsey ran some interview snippets from Eric Schmidt and there’s a great line early on in the first video. (Videos here, but note you need to be registered (free) and then click on the “Launch the Interactive” button at the bottom, then it’s in the first segment.) He describes some basic Google decisions about hiring […]

You can’t hire your way out of a problem or into a new business

Two articles come to me today, reminding us that recruiting and hiring is only half (maybe less) of the equation. You need to cultivate talent to win, and A teams often have deep roots with each other and the culture. The first piece is from the Today show of all places and I have no […]

Stop celebrating failure, find a better word

The celebration of failure has become a tired, counterproductive meme. Sure, the tension involved in celebrating something normally thought to be bad gets your attention. It’s also a way to get people out of their comfort zone. So cheers for that. But, really, we actually want to succeed and the more I read about failing […]

We are all statisticians now

or should be to a certain extent, if we take recently anointed Google numbers guru Hal Varian’s words to heart. The former economist (a very heavy maths-focused one at that) is frequently quoted as saying that statistician will be the next ‘sexy’ job (just like engineer was), but the line, from McKinsey goes much deeper: […]

The very definition of useless feedback

Ever gotten this kind of feedback from a client, manager, colleague? Right up there with this other bit:

HBR: Smart take on the MFA/MBA cliche

HBR has another good article breathing new life into stale concepts (the first one is blogged here).  Right now, it feels like that the “MFA is the new MBA” is stuck in a squishy or puddle-thin space.  For some, it’s a call to be a right-brained thinker — take a drawing class, learn an instrument, […]

HBR: Leading by Gaming

The idea that leading a guild in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft could result in some important skills has been around for a while. Joi Ito has done a couple pieces on it, including one in his blog and one in WIRED. But HBR’s got a “conversation starter” that puts some teeth into the […]

Balancing Acts: Just Enough Anxiety

The book Just Enough Anxiety argues that effective companies can have both too little and too much anxiety.  It also argues that there are other things that need to be balanced:  confidence and humility, optimism and hard-headednes.  The chart below describes five virtues that organizations have and that leaders should strive to balance. 1.  open […]