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My upcoming geek weekend

Here’s what’s on tap. First new soldering irons, with nice solid stands and variable heat. Need a new one. The old one seems to have lost its heat. We will renew our soldering skills by turning these: into these: we will also solder two of these: Then we will dig into arduinos: and after some […]

The nerdification of sports/everything

I love this commercial: A few days ago, I posted some critical comments about the data visualization techniques used in an iPad app. The designer responded (the links can be found in the post) and it highlighted some larger design issues. There is no longer a dichotomy of stats-people and civilians. Everyone is surrounded by […]

Karpov on Kasparov on Karpov

Thanks to 3QD for the video pairing below. The Kasparov-Karpov rally was a big part of my teens. As a 7 year old, when Bobby Fischer was goofily charming, the best chess player in history, and sane, he was my hero. Then, like many chess fans and one-step-up-from-horrible players, there was a decade of bitter […]

It’s Official: I have the Googles and am starting treatment

I’m convinced that there is a condition, that should be in upcoming DSM 😉, of environmentally induced cognitive diminishment. I’m calling it “the Googles” and I believe I suffer from said Googles. I’ve been thinking about this condition since reading Nicholas Carr’s Atlantic article “Is Google Making us Stupid” (my blog bit about it here). […]

Luvit: a starfield on your ceiling (not stickers either)

I love this Instructable and wish I could do it for me. The author, responding to that clear-but-squishy-edged school of thought that various stimuli are good for infants, created a remote-controlled pattern of fiber optic lights in his soon-to-be-born baby’s ceiling. He can remotely control the overall brightness, the rate of twinkling, and the phases […]

I am not a brand

I don’t have key attributes. There isn’t a four pillar architecture that adds up to me. I don’t have primary or single emotional takeaways. I don’t have a single, drumbeat voice. People/me trying to be a brand. Waste of spirit. As the Mad Farmer says: As soon as the generals and the politicos can predict […]

Ian McKellen on Acting

I’m starting to think I should start expressing myself in movie and TV bits from now on: – “Too many notes” – “A little saucy” – “Am I here to amuse you?” – “We’re coming with you!” – “There is no try. only do.” – “He’s dead Tom. Nothing you can do to bring him […]

Like Christmas Morning: The new Dan Brown

Love this email I just got from Amazon: Full disclosure: I get quite a kick out of the Dan Brown oeuvre, despite the horrible writing. It’s like the old computer adventure games made into a book. Literally. The old games — like MYST, Journeyman Project, Tex Murphy, Last Express, Obsidian, Lighthouse, Gabriel Knight, even the […]

Maker Faire — cool, but not so much on the Re-newable

Psyche! I finally made it to Maker Faire and it was every bit as fun, interesting, and inspiring as I hoped. It was big and massive with welded giants of art and smashery. It was cool and witty with installations that made you laugh and wonder how the hell they did it. It was people-focused, […]

Mars Phoenix is my anthropomorphic robot friend

But will it be my FB friend?