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Karpov on Kasparov on Karpov

Thanks to 3QD for the video pairing below. The Kasparov-Karpov rally was a big part of my teens. As a 7 year old, when Bobby Fischer was goofily charming, the best chess player in history, and sane, he was my hero. Then, like many chess fans and one-step-up-from-horrible players, there was a decade of bitter […]

Embrace Complexity: Master Miyamoto tells us to

The New Yorker of December 20 has a profile of Shigero Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario Brothers and Zelda universes and a key player in the creation of the Wii (and Wii Sport and, if I had to guess from the crazy fun play, Wii Resort). The profile talks about how surprised people were […]

nerdy WoW meme

In general, I think most game players don’t follow stories closely, but there are some for whom the game story is their main dose of fiction: /via Getner

Like Christmas Morning: The new Dan Brown

Love this email I just got from Amazon: Full disclosure: I get quite a kick out of the Dan Brown oeuvre, despite the horrible writing. It’s like the old computer adventure games made into a book. Literally. The old games — like MYST, Journeyman Project, Tex Murphy, Last Express, Obsidian, Lighthouse, Gabriel Knight, even the […]

Nokia N-Gage — humanizing digital, making games human and fun

Nice concept around Nokia’s (underrated) N-Gage platform. For years, their creative has been trying to humanize games and transform “gaming” (a word that dorkifies and marginalizes the product) into “playing”. This is a fun concept (which has gone viral . . . Or, put another way, was amusing enough to people for them to share […]

MYST on iPhone: A lesson in immersion

Been playing MYST on the iPhone and having fond memories, renewed admiration for the game, and a useful sense of disappointment. Fond Memories I loved MYST when it came out. It was a revelation — a rich, lush world that I simply liked looking at, a strong enough (though not great or self-sustaining) story that […]

Simplest good game ever

Mattel’s electronic football game might be the simplest great game I’ve played. When I posted this to flickr, someone reminded me that the game had a click that got faster and more menacing the longer you rushed for . . . So simple: three direction keys, one bright led, 5 medium ones.

TimeOut Azeroth: Social Calendar in WoW

World of Warcraft‘s newest “Echoes of Doom” patch was a big one sizewise. Getting ready for the “Lich King” expansion pack, probably. (This expansion pack will add a new world and the possibility of advancing ten more levels. In general, they’re a big deal, and almost always worth the fuss.) When I loaded this one, […]

Simple Fun: Nintendo Acela Awesomeness

Riding to and from Washington on the Acela yesterday, we were only able to find seats in the quiet car. At 5:45 in the morning, I reminded my colleagues to bring their DSes so we could play some head-to-head games (which, sadly, I hadn’t done on the DS before). For those who haven’t been in […]

Even QBs Thin Slice

From today’s NYT Football for Smarties guide, a description of what quarterbacks are doing during the 3.5 seconds they have after the snap to throw the ball. Addressing the idea that a quarterback is rapidly surveying and weighing his options: Unfortunately, the theory is wrong. If quarterbacks were forced to contemplate their decisions, they’d get […]