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‘hello world’ on the Replicator 2

20 minutes set up, 10 minutes to print. A whole new world, endless itches to be scratched, and lots of extruded, environmentally safe (comparative), plastic gewgaws, tools, parts, and maybe even inventions to come. (This is a print that comes pre-installed with the SD card you use to load files into the Replicator. The chains […]

Building is better than buying, even if it’s kits

As I get my soldering skills back(*), I’ve been doing kits for little things that I can give people. Every so often, I like to make LED Menorahs (kits available everywhere, but I like to buy from Evil Mad Science when I can). (*) I had been trying to solder at 220 Celsius and ruining […]

LED RGB Strips are ready!

Next phase of the light show for my 8 year-old room-mate’s birthday party.  There are several hurdles in this:  learning how to use RGB LED strips, learning how to use El Panels, and then mounting them in a pleasant way.  The programming part is easy, but the initial hookup, hello world, and the soldering (the […]

Arduino Lights Day

(Picture from Mokindo blogon making.) Working on a light show for my GF’s daughter’s 8th birthday party with @mokindo (aka Toby). Reminds me of how much I love making stuff and how rewarding it is to push through various learning curves. Toby and I used this as a way to work as a team rather […]

My mind is a Quad Graph and Venn Free Zone

Way too many Venn diagram sweet spots and quad graphs (up and to the right!) in my life right now. For the next month, I will not reduce any thinking, people, or concepts to a two-axis or four overlapping point construct. Watch the awesome take-down by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society:

MAKER ethos on failure

A couple months ago, I posted about the need to improve the way we celebrate failure. My big beef was the lack of accountability within the word fail and the inability to distinguish between a useful failure and a f#$%-up. Still think that, but have found two expressions of failure that have boundaries, express the […]

For the electronics plateau, a boost from MAKE

When I was learning to program in C/C++, for several days/weeks and on several attempts I hit the pointers plateau — that thing which, conceptually, I couldn’t get my head around sufficiently to really grok the damn things. I eventually took a class that spent three weeks on it and now I understand them — […]

Simple, simple solutions

Way, way back in in 1989 (the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the other subway series, Tiannanmen, release of Mandela), I worked at a foundation that funded environmental, community development, and some cultural groups. While there, I heard a great story about a simple solution. It involved Lester Brown, head of Worldwatch. […]

Luvit: a starfield on your ceiling (not stickers either)

I love this Instructable and wish I could do it for me. The author, responding to that clear-but-squishy-edged school of thought that various stimuli are good for infants, created a remote-controlled pattern of fiber optic lights in his soon-to-be-born baby’s ceiling. He can remotely control the overall brightness, the rate of twinkling, and the phases […]

Minimalist UX, ID, IxD, Navigation

I used to give interaction design candidates tests as part of the interview process. I would put a site on my computer screen, brief them against imaginary client requests and biases and then give them a half hour to analyze and respond to the brief.(*) Sometimes, I would pick a site that was related to […]