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An obscure, but excellent, look at Steve Jobs in action

This is a video segment from a documentary called “The New Entrpreneurs” that gets posted and taken down from youTube periodically. Every 9 months or so, I want to send it to someone and the previous link fails. Finally, it looks like the creator of the video has posted it, so it’s likely to stay. […]

‘hello world’ on the Replicator 2

20 minutes set up, 10 minutes to print. A whole new world, endless itches to be scratched, and lots of extruded, environmentally safe (comparative), plastic gewgaws, tools, parts, and maybe even inventions to come. (This is a print that comes pre-installed with the SD card you use to load files into the Replicator. The chains […]

The #1 CEO on design

While Apple’s ascendancy to #1 most valuable company in the world is still fresh in our minds (though no longer true, for the moment), a revisiting of the importance of design in that company’s comeback from bankruptcy. It’s often used, but worth remembering how broadly Jobs define design: “The thing that all of our competitors […]

Another dimension of Digitizing DIY Content Creation

Via @gadgetboy Below is a @GigaOM tour of Leo Laporte’s TWiT studio, in progress. All sorts of interesting tidbits for how smart digital allows smaller operations to make high quality content. Simple things he did: put the equipment in the basement and scattered holes in the floor for access to cabling bought 30 cameras for […]

Impermanence, Perpetual Beta, and Microsoft Office

I’ve never been a Microsoft hater. In fact, given how many needs of how many people MSFT software has had to support, I’ve always rather admired their audacity and even the boldness of their vision. Think about it: they write software that will run on machines built by hundreds of manufacturers, to be used for […]

Design Moments & Techno Flashbacks from All the President’s Men

As a kid, I wanted to be Woodward and Bernstein (both of them, yes). I could barely tell you what Watergate was about, or where they followed the money to, but I read the book in my tent in the backyard at age 10 and was absorbed – by their investigative intensity, the puzzle-solving, the […]

The nerdification of sports/everything

I love this commercial: A few days ago, I posted some critical comments about the data visualization techniques used in an iPad app. The designer responded (the links can be found in the post) and it highlighted some larger design issues. There is no longer a dichotomy of stats-people and civilians. Everyone is surrounded by […]

Pennant App: Disappointing Data Design

Note: The app’s designer, coder, all-around maker, responded in his blog. Some additional comments, responses to this post, in a later post. I just downloaded the Pennant iPad app. While connected to the internet, this app lets you look at every play of every game of professional baseball going back to 1951. It’s gotten glowing […]

Even a simple water glass can have interaction design issues

I work in the corporate headquarters of a network/holding company. So the offices have a lot of heavy wood and serious meeting rooms. As a matter of course, the boardroom always has blotters, notepads, and cups of pencils (points up so as not to blunt them) perfectly sharpened and identical lengths. In keeping with that […]

Can Open Source Innovate UX or Product Design?

As a run-up to the O’Reilly “Tools of Change for Publishing” Conference, an O’Reilly Radar article suggests that Amazon should get back to selling content and let the open source community take a crack at evolving the Kindle. Imagine how many great new features would be implemented in this model. Rather than being limited by […]