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Surprising experience of the persistence of advertising amidst noise

Getting circulated in the twittersphere is a 7 minute video displaying front “pages” of the NY Times website across 11 months. There are 12,000 screenshots, generally displayed for a fixed period of time (with some punctuation in the form of quick holds on a screenshot). For the first minute, I thought this was just another […]

The Filter Bubble: More Program . . . or be Programmed

Great TED talk by founder Eli Pariser on how the personalization reflex/mandate/standard of content on the web keeps us in a bubble. Couple great slides/moments: – an examination of his Facebook feed which, over time, as FB’s algorithm’s started to weed things that appeared not to be what he wanted, started suppressing the display […]

Some culture for your office

Got an email from Canvas Replicas at work yesterday. I had forgotten these companies existed:

nerdy WoW meme

In general, I think most game players don’t follow stories closely, but there are some for whom the game story is their main dose of fiction: /via Getner

Google: Stupider by Reduction

I’ve long bought into Nicholas Carr’s argument that the surface-skimming behaviors created by Google/the web are changing and ultimately reducing my cognitive chops (so I use language like “cognitive chops” instead of “making me stupid” to compensate). But, last night, I experienced a new dimension of Google’s diminishment of our brains: the reduction meaning and […]

Can’t think of how to express your love? FTD has a database to help…

Best couple pics on FB

Ben’s profile pic is of him, very coolly/very dramatically, kicking a cinder block’s ass: For her profile pic, Ben’s wife, Christie has a shot of her kicking his ass: How much do I love this/them?

Oddly, this gives me hope #wearesoscrewed #wemightactuallymakeit

The fact that some one person, somewhere, or some bunch of kids being surveyed would convince people that a movie with owls as heroes (forchrissakes) would fly seriously gives me hope. Ferrealz.

My mind is a Quad Graph and Venn Free Zone

Way too many Venn diagram sweet spots and quad graphs (up and to the right!) in my life right now. For the next month, I will not reduce any thinking, people, or concepts to a two-axis or four overlapping point construct. Watch the awesome take-down by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society:

Virtual shrug: Adobe’s upcoming ‘museum’

GS&P just put out a gorgeous and inviting teaser/trailer for the Adobe Museum of Digital Media. It’s a beautiful, well executed virtual museum. The creatives have done some interesting things around conceiving of a virtual building that could live in any real city (or virtual rendering of a real city), and how to move about […]