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‘hello world’ on the Replicator 2

20 minutes set up, 10 minutes to print. A whole new world, endless itches to be scratched, and lots of extruded, environmentally safe (comparative), plastic gewgaws, tools, parts, and maybe even inventions to come. (This is a print that comes pre-installed with the SD card you use to load files into the Replicator. The chains […]

Digital Age Requires Fluid Mental Models

In the last few months, digital friends of mine and I have been asking ourselves: are we going to hit a point when we get stuck in our ways and try to make everything fit into what we learned in the 2000s? It’s a common experience for people who come up digital and are digital […]

Archimedes, Asimov, and Advertising

Somewhere in the blogo-/google reader/twitter-sphere, I recently came across a great Isaac Asimov quote that helps to capture my ongoing unease with the big idea: The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ (I found it!) but ‘That’s funny” You could probably swap in design for […]

Simple video demo

via ReadWriteWeb A video mocking up a solution to the annoying string of notifications that iPhones force you to click through (and ultimately ignore cuz you’re moving so fast to get to the task at hand). A little slow/long, but some interesting things in this: iOS notifications concept from Andreas on Vimeo.

Trendwatch(!): Synaesthesia is the New Apophenia

Great review in The New York Review of Books of V.S. Ramachandran’s Tell Tale Mind. Ramachandran’s books are depressingly, cripplingly, neurally reductive of everything we love about ourselves (appreciation of art, response to music, loyalty). But he writes so elegantly and cheerfully and with such engagement that I completely forget that elegance, cheerfulness and engagement […]

Making Lists: Arbitrary, but useful, way of focusing

I do a lot of trainings and workshops for Boulder Digital Works. One of the trademarks of all the BDW programs is immersion and interaction. Every day, we try to have breakout sessions where people work together to solve a problem, figure something out, or brainstorm ideas. Then they report back to the larger group. […]

Creativity, Staying foolish and the Venn Vernacular

Practice, Craft, In Your Blood: “Man in a Blizzard”

Roger Ebert blogs, rather gushes on his blog about “Man In a Blizzard”: This film deserves to win the Academy Award for best live-action short subject. (1) Because of its wonderful quality. (2) Because of its role as homage. It is directly inspired by Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic “Man With a Movie Camera.” (3) […]

Living (and balancing simplicity) With Complexity

From Donald Norman’s new book, Living With Complexity, some lovely passages about how we crave richness and complexity, but in ways that are manageable, revisitable, rewarding, satisfying and fun. Fits nicely with a recent post about the difference between complexity and complication, simplicity and simplicticism: It is no great trick to take a simple situation […]

Learn to Code Already … Rushkoff SxSW vid

I’m a big fan of people knowing how to code. Not in-depth, elaborate knowledge or every sorting algorithm, or alternatives to various ____ transforms, but the ability to handle variables, manage loops, create logic that yields something more quickly and accurately than pen and paper, or spreadsheet. Enough code to work with a dataset, rather […]