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Arduino Lights Day

(Picture from Mokindo blogon making.) Working on a light show for my GF’s daughter’s 8th birthday party with @mokindo (aka Toby). Reminds me of how much I love making stuff and how rewarding it is to push through various learning curves. Toby and I used this as a way to work as a team rather […]

Missing the point on learning code

It’s exciting to see the debate about making code a fundamental literacy in our education system take off. At a time when the University of Florida has deleted its computer science department completely, it’s vital to talk about whether this is critical, elective, or frivolous. The weird part of the debate, though, is the backlash […]

The Harder Side of Steve Jobs (no, not his management style)

I’m into the sad part of Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs and have collected nearly a dozen new(ish) (to me, anyway) insights into technology, design, the intersection of liberal arts and science that are worth blogging about. The first one highlights the engineer side of Jobs. It’s almost a reflex to praise his taste, passion […]

Search becomes commodity and gives way to find

A post today from GigaOm about the ways in which Siri can cut into Google’s business made me realize the ways in which much search traffic could actually be considered a commodity today. Short version of the article: Siri, on the new iPhones, will allow users to ask (with their voice) their iPhones to get […]

Media Deaths: Premature, Exaggerated, Prolonged, etc.

I was at a meeting recently where a legend of advertising scoffed at people who were proclaiming the diminishing importance of TV. In the hyper-leveraged rhetoric of the blogosphere, people will rush to say either that it’s DEAD (“dead, it’s dead Tom, nothing you can do to bring it back”) or ALIVE and bigger than […]

The Filter Bubble: More Program . . . or be Programmed

Great TED talk by founder Eli Pariser on how the personalization reflex/mandate/standard of content on the web keeps us in a bubble. Couple great slides/moments: – an examination of his Facebook feed which, over time, as FB’s algorithm’s started to weed things that appeared not to be what he wanted, started suppressing the display […]

Raspberry Pi: $25 PC fits in pocket, plugs into TV.

Digital Office Software (mini)Meme

Our office is switching over to Google Apps. For Mac users who have suffered through Entourage, this can only be great news. (I once traded a lovely Macbook Pro back to IT in return for a PC it was so bad — then I had a crisis of self after I realized that I was […]

Trendwatch(!): Synaesthesia is the New Apophenia

Great review in The New York Review of Books of V.S. Ramachandran’s Tell Tale Mind. Ramachandran’s books are depressingly, cripplingly, neurally reductive of everything we love about ourselves (appreciation of art, response to music, loyalty). But he writes so elegantly and cheerfully and with such engagement that I completely forget that elegance, cheerfulness and engagement […]

The problem with programming

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