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The Zappos Voice

I’m late to the Zappos party. But my aversion, borderline phobia, of shopping in brick and mortar stores (especially for clothes) pushed me there — and now I’m seeing how they infuse a service-y charm to everything they do. I got these two emails in the space of 24 hours:

Transforming a business to digital realities: The Atlantic

Just getting to an article in the NY Times chronicling how the Atlantic Monthly transformed itself from a struggling, print, money-sink, to a multi-tentacled content and idea ‘publisher’ and distributor that now turns a profit. Lots of interesting tidbits and already, single dimensions of the transformation are being meme-ified into silver bullets. Some nuggets of […]

Chairman Jobs on teams, A players, and priorities

An oldie, but an enduringly good one, Business Week interviews Steve Jobs about how he did what he did at Apple and Pixar. On the need to think teams: No major work that I have been involved with has been work that can be done by a single person or two people, or even three […]

Mindstorm Team-Building: Better than climbing walls together

Interesting read in May 2009 issue Servo Magazine, which I got free at Maker Faire about new ways to teach groups. The writer/editor, Bryan Bergeron, teaches a course on technology and the future of healthcare at Harvard Medical School. Each year, a session of the class simulates the creation of a business to give students […]

Cable Co Twitters

Comcast has a technical support person on twitter.  John Dvorak TWiTed that he is responding to people individually.

One second thought on HBR Google article

I blogged an HBR article a while back, questioning, among other things, how innovative Google really is.  Some news stories today, highlight some overlooked areas where Google is doing some interesting, potentially innovative things: App Engine — NYT article today talks about Google’s plans to move App Engine into the enterprise space by opening it […]

Can Mere Mortals Really Learn Anything from Google right now?

There’s probably not an agency or tech-UX company that hasn’t talked several times about adopting Google’s 80/20 rule. In the search for ways to become innovative, this is the one technique everyone seems to know and understand, at least at some level. But, it seems like most attempts to pursue this idea suffer an early […]

The Innovation Backlash?

An opinion piece in AdAge seems kind of all over the place, but might spark a wave of anti-innovation writing. The article is pretty straightforward: innovation is one tactic, not a strategy; it’s not even a core tactic, just one. There’s also the famous Peter Drucker quote, “The business enterprise has two — and only […]

Deeply Satisfying Experience

Steve Jobs: Limits of Customer Research

Two Jobs lines about the limits , or the limiting effects of, customer research: It took us three years to build the NeXT computer. If we’d given customers what they said they wanted, we’d have built a computer they’d have been happy with a year after we spoke to them – not something they’d want […]