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The Evolving Faux-Flash Genre

Not sure what to call these – they feel flash-mobby in their spontaneity and quick creation of crowds (though there’s no call to action), and they’re definitely flashy – in production values and speed. Anyway, they look kind of fun. I’ve come across two so far, but there might be more . . . From […]

Transforming a business to digital realities: The Atlantic

Just getting to an article in the NY Times chronicling how the Atlantic Monthly transformed itself from a struggling, print, money-sink, to a multi-tentacled content and idea ‘publisher’ and distributor that now turns a profit. Lots of interesting tidbits and already, single dimensions of the transformation are being meme-ified into silver bullets. Some nuggets of […]

Utility, Emotion, Apple, Think Different, I’m a Mac

The following video is getting a lot of tweetage (at least I’ve seen it from 6 of my less than 400 followees): This is Steve Jobs in 1997, at an internal meeting setting up “Think Different”. I’ve always felt that Apple is a brand that thrives on much, much more than advertising despite its consistently […]

Nokia N-Gage — humanizing digital, making games human and fun

Nice concept around Nokia’s (underrated) N-Gage platform. For years, their creative has been trying to humanize games and transform “gaming” (a word that dorkifies and marginalizes the product) into “playing”. This is a fun concept (which has gone viral . . . Or, put another way, was amusing enough to people for them to share […]

When will we learn? More stupid interactive

Today’s NYTimes had an intriguing ad in its masthead, which I actually clicked: “Sponsors of Tomorrow” is a little cheesy, but as an avid reader of the Science Times and a techno-fetishist, ii was drawn to it. When I clicked it, I got the usual metaphor of a room and cluster of objects as a […]

Spoiler Alerts for Classics

After lunch with a politically like-minded friend, I decided to read Germinal, one of those books I’ve felt guilty for not having read for many years now — and which he had recently read and was raving about. Check out the elegant advisory that there are spoilers below . . . as if there were […]

Muhammad Ali and Al Gore

NYT as an article about the brand identity of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.  The creator, Brian Collins, keyed off of Gore’s use of the phrase of “we the people” in his book, and then went a step further to see the me that makes up the we. “What’s good is that the idea […]

Typography and Politics

Yet another look at the branding elements behind Obama’s success. I get kind of impatient with the analysis that the brand is driving the success of the candidate. My take is that the candidate has always been different (people have been reading and enjoying Obama’s writing for years, because the thinking is different, feels new […]

Exceptional Brand Experience