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On-line algorithms #fail

Following some of the memes and political commentary on Secretary of State Clinton’s clash with Senate Republicans, I found myself over at left-liberal TPM, where I received the following ad: While it’s true that the night before, after changing the water in our fish tank, standing on a wet rug with my shoes starting to […]

Gamifying Learning

I’m stepping into some new responsibilities at work in the area of analytics – forcing me to engage in what Lynda Gratton calls serial mastery. I love being in a space, job, industry that constantly offers opportunities for learning and stretching, and the geek in my (going back to D&D) loves what numbers and computation […]

Evolving and Nuancing Web Metrics

Nice piece in AdAge today, encouraging people to massage, rather than simply respond, to data. Over the last 11 years, I’ve had some hand in designing dozens of commerce experiences. One of the most important post-launch calls to re-design action is “cart abandonment.” Your customer has spent time on your site, liked things enough to […]

Moving Digital Data Upstream in Marketing

For the last 50 years, marketers have relied on three types of data for audience/customer insights: surveys, panels, and focus gropus. We’ve supplemented that with various ‘field’ activities and ethnography. We know how these work, they are highly evolved, and there are respected, trusted players in the space. Digital data – exhaust data from user […]

The simplest data tells/inspires a story

A colleague (Ed) walked into my office today saying something about “becoming a doctor” when he came through the door. Slow on the uptake, I needed the explanation that this was a reference to Field of Dreams, specifically the scene where Burt Lancaster, playing Moonlight Graham had to leave the eternal youth of the field […]

Nifty Cross-Channel Experience with B&N

B&N’s “pick me up” is a great cross-channel integration. I’m using my fantasy baseball drafts as a reason to finally learn a Mac-OSX database program, specifically FileMaker Pro. According to, “The Missing Manual” for FMP appears to be available at the Park Slope store. I signed up to have someone to reserve the book […]

Video: “Pie charts suck so beware of them”

Nice Ignite talk by Alex Lundry, who, according to a quick Google hit, does a lot of market and political research and is a consultant to the GOP, has a really great Ignite talk about data viz, visual thinking, and some politics.

Silly Stat: ‘Kindle books outsold real books on Christmas day’ | Mobile Entertainment News

While I am big fan of the Kindle, thisstory from mobile entertainment news – referencing Amazon’s statement that they sold more e-books on Christmas day than real books – is silly. I mean, didn’t anybody stop to think about the number? Of course, more people bought e-Books than real books on Christmas Day. Who goes […]

We are all statisticians now

or should be to a certain extent, if we take recently anointed Google numbers guru Hal Varian’s words to heart. The former economist (a very heavy maths-focused one at that) is frequently quoted as saying that statistician will be the next ‘sexy’ job (just like engineer was), but the line, from McKinsey goes much deeper: […]

Paul Krugman’s Rules of Research

From his Nobel talk slides: The meaning of the first one was not immediately apparent to me, so I found a longer version of the rules, where Krugman explains: “Pay attention to what intelligent people are saying, even if they do not have your customs or speak your analytical language.” Applies to many, many things.