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On-line algorithms #fail

Following some of the memes and political commentary on Secretary of State Clinton’s clash with Senate Republicans, I found myself over at left-liberal TPM, where I received the following ad: While it’s true that the night before, after changing the water in our fish tank, standing on a wet rug with my shoes starting to […]

When doing TV makes sense

As a digital (gone) native(*), nerd, and suddenly time-challenged step-father, I live my life very free of TV advertising. Some of this is by chance – I rarely have a chance to watch live TV. But most of it is by design: I DVR when I can, buy iTunes TV and shows, and rip DVDs […]

The Evolving Faux-Flash Genre

Not sure what to call these – they feel flash-mobby in their spontaneity and quick creation of crowds (though there’s no call to action), and they’re definitely flashy – in production values and speed. Anyway, they look kind of fun. I’ve come across two so far, but there might be more . . . From […]

Digital Age Requires Fluid Mental Models

In the last few months, digital friends of mine and I have been asking ourselves: are we going to hit a point when we get stuck in our ways and try to make everything fit into what we learned in the 2000s? It’s a common experience for people who come up digital and are digital […]

Archimedes, Asimov, and Advertising

Somewhere in the blogo-/google reader/twitter-sphere, I recently came across a great Isaac Asimov quote that helps to capture my ongoing unease with the big idea: The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ (I found it!) but ‘That’s funny” You could probably swap in design for […]

Google and Facebook battling for the hearts and minds of marketers

I was at Facebook’s “Hack” Conference in LA last week, targeted at advertisers and agencies. Much of it was product updates, FB for beginners, and some tech updates. But it really felt like the opening salvo in FB’s philosophical positioning of themselves as a brand-building platform, setting the stage for the battle with Google for […]

Where People Decide

From Clickz piece commenting on year end predictions, some unsurprising but potent stats: 90 percent of people rely on personal recommendations from friends 84 percent of people are online doing research before making a purchase decision 77 percent of all content around brands is being shared by the user, not the brand 95 percent of […]

Advertising Pivots: Dominos, eBay, Amazon

If you simply try Amazon’s revived mobile app during the holiday, Amazon will give you a $5 gift certificate at Amazon. That’s their holiday advertisement campaign. Dominos introduced a new line of “artisan” pizza, and the ad they ran was this: Really an anti-ad, hilariously spoofing advertising tropes while offering a discount so people would […]

Media Deaths: Premature, Exaggerated, Prolonged, etc.

I was at a meeting recently where a legend of advertising scoffed at people who were proclaiming the diminishing importance of TV. In the hyper-leveraged rhetoric of the blogosphere, people will rush to say either that it’s DEAD (“dead, it’s dead Tom, nothing you can do to bring it back”) or ALIVE and bigger than […]

Another product as ad moment

But actually as an ad: Similar to a recent moment at WWDC where Jobs got rousing applause for saying “it just works.” I’m told, but am still running it down, that this actually came from a Steve Jobs WWDC presentation where he was describing the project and laughingly said, “there’s no step 3”.