Kimmel on Marketing

In an Ad Age interview about the new time slot for his show, Jimmy Kimmel makes some observations about media and marketing that are music to digital marketers’ ears. (The show is moving from 12 AM to 11:35 PM, a symbolic 25 minute move which puts him up against Leno and Letterman.)

Knowing What you Are – asked if he was going to change the show to meet his new audience’s tastes, Kimmel replied, “We’ve been doing the show for 10 years. We’ve had a chance to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t work, and I think that we would be very, very foolish to make wholesale changes just because we’re moving up 25 minutes.”

Viral Videos – “We’ll have celebrity publicists call us and say, “We want to shoot a viral video.” We don’t shoot viral videos. We shoot a television show, and sometimes the videos become very popular online, but that’s not our goal. Our goal is to put on a great TV show.” (How nice to have someone else say this.)

TV Advertising – “We make more from the live commercials and I feel like it’s more entertaining for the viewers to see a live commercial than it is to see another commercial on tape.”

The End of the Mass Market – “No, I don’t think there ever will be [another King of Late Night}. I think Johnny Carson was the last King of Late Night. I hope to have a narrow edge on everyone else. That’s really all you can hope for.”

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