Maker birthday

In addition to cakes, muffins, and cooking up various other edibles, Cindy and I did a fair amount of DIY on the party favors and the lights.

Party favors from Makerbot were simple and downloaded from thingiverse (with the exception of the nameplates, which was my hello world in several 3D design tools – tinkercad, 3dtin, and OpenScad):

Most interesting to me was that the 6 8 yo girls who came to the party were entranced watching Makerbot print, despite the slow additive process of the Replicator. I pretty much had to print stuff throughout the waking hours of the party so they could check in and figure out what it was doing (especially interesting was the mesh/grid pattern used to build internal structure to hold up the bigger objects without adding the weight, time, and material use).

And the light show, with two layers of diffusion (foam and LED diffusion paper) painstakingly cut and taped to the LED strips:

Sadly, I was unable to get the ALICE light show done. El panels require high voltage and an inverter – the 3C inverter could only drive one panel at a time, and weakly at that. When I finally got the 12v inverter it required some hacking that I rushed through – committing the classic mistake of not reading the instructions straight through before doing anything, leaving me without a clear memory of what I had done when it came time to debug it.

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