Monthly Archives: May 2012

Annoyance == Opportunity == Trends || What I learned at NYC Hackath_n

Yesterday, I got to be a judge, thanks to my colleague Jeffery Bennet aka @meandmybadself at TechCrunch’s NYC Disrupt Hackathon. From 11:00 to 1:45, a torrent of ideas (89 in all) were presented to us in (mostly) short (mostly) one minute bursts. There’s a lot to learn and glean from these events, but for this […]

Missing the point on learning code

It’s exciting to see the debate about making code a fundamental literacy in our education system take off. At a time when the University of Florida has deleted its computer science department completely, it’s vital to talk about whether this is critical, elective, or frivolous. The weird part of the debate, though, is the backlash […]