Monthly Archives: March 2012

Are we unhealthily obsessed with customization?

Yet another powerful/instructive/scriptural moment in Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, comes after his years in the desert and his return to Apple. Under Sculley et al, Apple went the classic route of creating a varied product line – whoever you are whatever your needs, there’s an Apple for you. During a product review meeting, Jobs, […]

Google and Facebook battling for the hearts and minds of marketers

I was at Facebook’s “Hack” Conference in LA last week, targeted at advertisers and agencies. Much of it was product updates, FB for beginners, and some tech updates. But it really felt like the opening salvo in FB’s philosophical positioning of themselves as a brand-building platform, setting the stage for the battle with Google for […]

Moving Digital Data Upstream in Marketing

For the last 50 years, marketers have relied on three types of data for audience/customer insights: surveys, panels, and focus gropus. We’ve supplemented that with various ‘field’ activities and ethnography. We know how these work, they are highly evolved, and there are respected, trusted players in the space. Digital data – exhaust data from user […]

Buy, Hack, or Build: Reframing the old choice

During my first 8 years in agency life, I must have prepared dozens of slides or documents navigating the buy or build dilemma for clients. The structure of the argument was fixed, as the pros and cons rarely changed: Buy PROs: usually cheaper, you have a throat to choke, you have less to think about […]

Praise for Kindle from a creative place

Most conversations about the relationship between Kindle/e-readers and reading are defensive. Kindle lovers try to explain why it’s still a book, prove that they love reading even though do it in silicon, and still seem refined even though their love of the smell of paper isn’t enough to bring them back. During an interview on […]