Monthly Archives: August 2011

Found That Carl Sagan Quote!

A couple weeks ago, I put out a plea for a Carl Sagan quote for an Ignite NYC talk I was going to do. I had to paraphrase the line as “This is the kind of problem that is fun to think about while walking in the woods on a winter morning.” My friend Parfait […]

The #1 CEO on design

While Apple’s ascendancy to #1 most valuable company in the world is still fresh in our minds (though no longer true, for the moment), a revisiting of the importance of design in that company’s comeback from bankruptcy. It’s often used, but worth remembering how broadly Jobs define design: “The thing that all of our competitors […]

Remnant of the TV age

From an SFO exhibit on Television in the Antenna Age, some pages from TV Guide: Click images for readability.

Media Deaths: Premature, Exaggerated, Prolonged, etc.

I was at a meeting recently where a legend of advertising scoffed at people who were proclaiming the diminishing importance of TV. In the hyper-leveraged rhetoric of the blogosphere, people will rush to say either that it’s DEAD (“dead, it’s dead Tom, nothing you can do to bring it back”) or ALIVE and bigger than […]