Monthly Archives: July 2011

Another dimension of Digitizing DIY Content Creation

Via @gadgetboy Below is a @GigaOM tour of Leo Laporte’s TWiT studio, in progress. All sorts of interesting tidbits for how smart digital allows smaller operations to make high quality content. Simple things he did: put the equipment in the basement and scattered holes in the floor for access to cabling bought 30 cameras for […]

Another product as ad moment

But actually as an ad: Similar to a recent moment at WWDC where Jobs got rousing applause for saying “it just works.” I’m told, but am still running it down, that this actually came from a Steve Jobs WWDC presentation where he was describing the project and laughingly said, “there’s no step 3”.

Surprising experience of the persistence of advertising amidst noise

Getting circulated in the twittersphere is a 7 minute video displaying front “pages” of the NY Times website across 11 months. There are 12,000 screenshots, generally displayed for a fixed period of time (with some punctuation in the form of quick holds on a screenshot). For the first minute, I thought this was just another […]

Industrial conveyor cycle installation

Love it. Sleepy conveyor to the beginning of the cycle. Mad careening zig-zag path with randomizations from friction and other factors of physics. Slow to the end. Back to the sleepy conveyor.