Monthly Archives: June 2011

Weak notions of context in advertising

From a friend, who had just clicked that he didn’t like a song, this weak “contextual” and “relevant” ad:

Best iPad notification yet

I recently downloaded a bunch of digital books highlighted by Peter Meyers at OReilly Radar. Meyers is a terrific thinker about digital books, going deep on usability, design, how text should be created for ebooks, and what the medium can do to enhance reading experiences. In his “10 Innovative Digital Books” to check, he included […]

Jobs and the Big Idea

Another moment around why big marketing and ad ideas aren’t the center of consumer thinking. Here’s Steve Jobs halfway through his presentation of Apple’s new cloud offering. The arc of the presentation was simple and functional: 1) the PC was the hub of digital life; 2) then other devices became equally important; 3) putting the […]

Voice recognition has a ways to go, or Technology isn’t magic folks

I just left a voice mail on a friend’s phone, making plans for tomorrow night. I was offering to cook and inviting him to join me as I got our office Makerbot working. He just sent me the transcript that was generated by his phone:’ Hey, it’s, Kip. I was calling to Bostonian will. Bermer […]

Need help with a Carl Sagan quote

I’m working on a talk for Ignite NYC 2012 next week and I could use two kinds of help. My talk is: Kip Voytek: Shallows, Echoes, and Inner Space I love the internet, “new media”, code, games, and gadgets. But after seeing Derek Jacobi in King Lear at BAM, I felt an aliveness that went […]

My weekend project: MakerBot!!!!!!

For months, there has been a box visible from my office which has – if you can believe – an unopened makerbot! My company bought a bunch and gave them to partners and we kept one for ourselves. So, this weekend, I will put it together, learn the minimum amount of CAD and make cool, […]