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Laphroaig – advertising I’m enthusiastic about

Information as advertising, or: The power of Camtasia/Screencasts

Google just announced the introduction of pivot tables, into its spreadsheet app. Aside #1: Given the wonkiness of early adopters of in-the-cloud, web-based apps, this is a critical move for further adoption of apps. Heavy duty users of spreadsheets for moderately complex and mission-critical work functions can’t move to Google Apps/Spreadsheets without more of this […]

The Filter Bubble: More Program . . . or be Programmed

Great TED talk by founder Eli Pariser on how the personalization reflex/mandate/standard of content on the web keeps us in a bubble. Couple great slides/moments: – an examination of his Facebook feed which, over time, as FB’s algorithm’s started to weed things that appeared not to be what he wanted, started suppressing the display […]

Raspberry Pi: $25 PC fits in pocket, plugs into TV.

My upcoming geek weekend

Here’s what’s on tap. First new soldering irons, with nice solid stands and variable heat. Need a new one. The old one seems to have lost its heat. We will renew our soldering skills by turning these: into these: we will also solder two of these: Then we will dig into arduinos: and after some […]

Digital Office Software (mini)Meme

Our office is switching over to Google Apps. For Mac users who have suffered through Entourage, this can only be great news. (I once traded a lovely Macbook Pro back to IT in return for a PC it was so bad — then I had a crisis of self after I realized that I was […]

Arduino Weekend: Freaks in Garages Working together

Several years ago, when I took off a month between jobs, I spent a week geeking out on the Arduino. This weekend, I’m geeking out with my niece – who is a geologist – soldering a bunch of Mintyboost kits for Christmas, mastering the Arduino, and doing some LCD stuff. As a geologist, my niece […]

Impermanence, Perpetual Beta, and Microsoft Office

I’ve never been a Microsoft hater. In fact, given how many needs of how many people MSFT software has had to support, I’ve always rather admired their audacity and even the boldness of their vision. Think about it: they write software that will run on machines built by hundreds of manufacturers, to be used for […]

“What bothers me about management books … nobody does it.”

McKinsey ran some interview snippets from Eric Schmidt and there’s a great line early on in the first video. (Videos here, but note you need to be registered (free) and then click on the “Launch the Interactive” button at the bottom, then it’s in the first segment.) He describes some basic Google decisions about hiring […]

Simple video demo

via ReadWriteWeb A video mocking up a solution to the annoying string of notifications that iPhones force you to click through (and ultimately ignore cuz you’re moving so fast to get to the task at hand). A little slow/long, but some interesting things in this: iOS notifications concept from Andreas on Vimeo.