Monthly Archives: February 2011

The nerdification of sports/everything

I love this commercial: A few days ago, I posted some critical comments about the data visualization techniques used in an iPad app. The designer responded (the links can be found in the post) and it highlighted some larger design issues. There is no longer a dichotomy of stats-people and civilians. Everyone is surrounded by […]

Pennant App: Disappointing Data Design

Note: The app’s designer, coder, all-around maker, responded in his blog. Some additional comments, responses to this post, in a later post. I just downloaded the Pennant iPad app. While connected to the internet, this app lets you look at every play of every game of professional baseball going back to 1951. It’s gotten glowing […]

The Campfire & The Sphinx: Getting beyond story

At least five times a year, I hear someone make the claim that everything is story. All communications are stories, stories tie everything together, stories are the key to human understanding. “Going back to our earliest days, when we were gathered around a campfire” is a common way to invoke the basic, primal importance of […]

Bill Evans on Craft, Ideas, Creativity, and bottom of the T

This is fantastic. Bill Evans talks about the importance of quality and accuracy in musical invention. In this four minute clip, Evans illustrates one point: doing a specific thing well is the key to great creativity, doing a broad thing vaguely OK isn’t close. He points to mediocre art coming from people who “would rather […]