Karpov on Kasparov on Karpov

Thanks to 3QD for the video pairing below. The Kasparov-Karpov rally was a big part of my teens. As a 7 year old, when Bobby Fischer was goofily charming, the best chess player in history, and sane, he was my hero. Then, like many chess fans and one-step-up-from-horrible players, there was a decade of bitter disappointment and loathing watching Anatoly Karpov draw and edge his way to victory, retaining a championship that he never earned. (Fischer flaked over some rules and forfeited it to Karpov)

Of course, Fischer never completely came back. His 1992 re-match against Spassky showed strong (and innovative) play and his madness was still in check (or at least it wasn’t the raving anti-semitism of his last years), and that was enough for a glorious month of chessic hope.

Garry Kasparov, however, finally unseated Karpov and turned out to be strong enough, swashbuckling enough, and have enough charm and non-chess intelligence to be a new hero. Anyway, it’s nice to see Kasparov dominate the weenie even at BT’s big think site.

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