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Some culture for your office

Got an email from Canvas Replicas at work yesterday. I had forgotten these companies existed:

The Zappos Voice

I’m late to the Zappos party. But my aversion, borderline phobia, of shopping in brick and mortar stores (especially for clothes) pushed me there — and now I’m seeing how they infuse a service-y charm to everything they do. I got these two emails in the space of 24 hours:

The internet equivalent of the Lazlo letters

Way back in the day, when Richard Nixon was president and Timex took a licking and kept on ticking, Don Novello (aka Father Guido Sarducci) created the pen name Lazlo Toth and prank-lettered everyone: Elvis, the KFC Colonel, Sammy Davis Jr, and on and on. He wrote fight songs for Richard Nixon knowing what a […]

“Meat thing(s)”

A friend recently pinged me about a tweet of mine highlighting a Read/Write/Web article on a fully automated hotel. Late in the article was a line that kind of creeped her out: “While most will agree that some automation is a boon, the disagreement may lie in what aspects of our interactions should be meat-free.” […]

Making Lists: Arbitrary, but useful, way of focusing

I do a lot of trainings and workshops for Boulder Digital Works. One of the trademarks of all the BDW programs is immersion and interaction. Every day, we try to have breakout sessions where people work together to solve a problem, figure something out, or brainstorm ideas. Then they report back to the larger group. […]

The problem with programming

From Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Collaboration and sharing ecosystem

Over the last year, I’ve become a huge fan of Evernote(*). It’s part of my collaborative ecosystem. This video from has a nice scenario for how people are connecting the dots with a cloud-based tool like Evernote pulling it together. Only 0:46. Also, I like how the whiteboard is used as a giant notepad […]

Cognitive Empathy Quotes

“If you can’t give a compelling version of your opponent’s argument, you really haven’t thought through your own position.” – M Gelb “the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function [is] a sign of a first-rate intelligence” – F Scott Fitzgerald

You can’t hire your way out of a problem or into a new business

Two articles come to me today, reminding us that recruiting and hiring is only half (maybe less) of the equation. You need to cultivate talent to win, and A teams often have deep roots with each other and the culture. The first piece is from the Today show of all places and I have no […]

Even a simple water glass can have interaction design issues

I work in the corporate headquarters of a network/holding company. So the offices have a lot of heavy wood and serious meeting rooms. As a matter of course, the boardroom always has blotters, notepads, and cups of pencils (points up so as not to blunt them) perfectly sharpened and identical lengths. In keeping with that […]