Monthly Archives: December 2010

Finally a new “What a Wonderful World”

Shane McGowan Nick Cave

Funny, and expensive, paid search moment

Accidently hot-keyed to the search box instead of the URL field in my browser and wound up searching for Look who decided to spend money to get that word:

Living (and balancing simplicity) With Complexity

From Donald Norman’s new book, Living With Complexity, some lovely passages about how we crave richness and complexity, but in ways that are manageable, revisitable, rewarding, satisfying and fun. Fits nicely with a recent post about the difference between complexity and complication, simplicity and simplicticism: It is no great trick to take a simple situation […]

Learn to Code Already … Rushkoff SxSW vid

I’m a big fan of people knowing how to code. Not in-depth, elaborate knowledge or every sorting algorithm, or alternatives to various ____ transforms, but the ability to handle variables, manage loops, create logic that yields something more quickly and accurately than pen and paper, or spreadsheet. Enough code to work with a dataset, rather […]

#nasaannouncement twittermentoes

I would have been interested in the NASA announcement of the discovery of a microbe that alters its biological processes to substitute arsenic for phosphorous, just being a nerd and all. But my big sister’s participation in the panel announcing the findings yesterday, made it more fun and pulled me into following it a little […]