Monthly Archives: October 2010

Tim Ferriss internet-sourcing his next book

Tim Ferris had an amazing idea when he was finalizing his breakout book, The Four Hour Workweek. He and his agent couldn’t decide on a title for the book — actually they couldn’t pick among the final four candidates. Ferriss did a very clever thing: he advertised for the as yet unpublished book under each […]

My reading list, post #BDWCU

Just spent another weekend doing a Boulder Digital Works executive training session. Always great, always a treat learning from attendees and folks at CP+B, Mondo Robot, and Colle + Mcvoy. About four sessions ago, we started adding reading lists, resources, and tips to the end of each of our presentations. That’s always a fun exercise, […]

Google: Stupider by Reduction

I’ve long bought into Nicholas Carr’s argument that the surface-skimming behaviors created by Google/the web are changing and ultimately reducing my cognitive chops (so I use language like “cognitive chops” instead of “making me stupid” to compensate). But, last night, I experienced a new dimension of Google’s diminishment of our brains: the reduction meaning and […]

3D Brands (with nod to Roger Martin)

A terrific article by Roger Martin, “Building Better Decision Makers: The 3D MBA”, crystallizes some of the challenges of advertising/marketing in the digital age. Martin argues that the business school’s original focus on decision-making (and expediency) has caused MBA-thinking to be shallow, narrow, and static. In particular, he highlights the over-dependence on models that MBAs […]

“Grifter, hitter, hacker, thief…”

“Grifter, hitter, hacker, thief. You’re all trying to solve *your* version of the crime, instead of just trying to solve the crime. There’s a reason we work together.” – Leverage

iPad == web browser + portable TV == babysitter

From The Register: Between when the iPad began shipping in early April and the end of Apple’s most recent fiscal quarter, 7.46 million of its magical and revolutionary tablets found homes. Nielsen’s figures indicate that just under 2.4 million of those buyers — about half of whom identify themselves as “early adopters” — haven’t downloaded […]

Can’t think of how to express your love? FTD has a database to help…