Monthly Archives: August 2010

Oddly, this gives me hope #wearesoscrewed #wemightactuallymakeit

The fact that some one person, somewhere, or some bunch of kids being surveyed would convince people that a movie with owls as heroes (forchrissakes) would fly seriously gives me hope. Ferrealz.

Utility, Emotion, Apple, Think Different, I’m a Mac

The following video is getting a lot of tweetage (at least I’ve seen it from 6 of my less than 400 followees): This is Steve Jobs in 1997, at an internal meeting setting up “Think Different”. I’ve always felt that Apple is a brand that thrives on much, much more than advertising despite its consistently […]

Designing an HTML tag . . . is actually fascinating

I’m getting up to speed on the upcoming tech wave by reading the finally published “HTML5 Up and Running”, by Mark Pilgrim. That sentence just feels sad (though necessary), but the first chapter of the book is really, really interesting. In a section titled “A Long Digression into how Standards Are Made”, Pilgrim walks us […]

The simplest data tells/inspires a story

A colleague (Ed) walked into my office today saying something about “becoming a doctor” when he came through the door. Slow on the uptake, I needed the explanation that this was a reference to Field of Dreams, specifically the scene where Burt Lancaster, playing Moonlight Graham had to leave the eternal youth of the field […]