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My mind is a Quad Graph and Venn Free Zone

Way too many Venn diagram sweet spots and quad graphs (up and to the right!) in my life right now. For the next month, I will not reduce any thinking, people, or concepts to a two-axis or four overlapping point construct. Watch the awesome take-down by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society:

It is better not to speak . . .

’nuff said.

Underemployed agency people

Start at the bottom (and, keep in mind, that @kipbot and @thegaf do have a legitimate point. #FFusMrPrez And happy birthday to Ms theGaf!

kip/bot/blog Compelling Curiosities roundup

Links from the week, worth bubbling up for future reference: A really great analysis of how Yankee closer Mariano Rivera manages to dominate pitchers with a single pitch (cutter + the fastball). It’s what multi-media should be about — useful graphics explain pitch distributions, ball motion, how a batter perceives the pitches and the grip. […]