Monthly Archives: June 2010

MAKER ethos on failure

A couple months ago, I posted about the need to improve the way we celebrate failure. My big beef was the lack of accountability within the word fail and the inability to distinguish between a useful failure and a f#$%-up. Still think that, but have found two expressions of failure that have boundaries, express the […]

For the electronics plateau, a boost from MAKE

When I was learning to program in C/C++, for several days/weeks and on several attempts I hit the pointers plateau — that thing which, conceptually, I couldn’t get my head around sufficiently to really grok the damn things. I eventually took a class that spent three weeks on it and now I understand them — […]

Virtual shrug: Adobe’s upcoming ‘museum’

GS&P just put out a gorgeous and inviting teaser/trailer for the Adobe Museum of Digital Media. It’s a beautiful, well executed virtual museum. The creatives have done some interesting things around conceiving of a virtual building that could live in any real city (or virtual rendering of a real city), and how to move about […]

The IxD Problem: I can write TV, cuz I watch it

One of the toughest problems IxD people face is the ease with which people can consider themselves quite good, competent, or correct at it. It’s nearly impossible to fake a knowledge of programming when someone is actually looking at code or an architecture diagram. It’s almost as hard to fake being a visual designer (even […]

If you must be a tool . . .

be a dremel, not a hammer.

The Execution Tweet

Mark Shurtleff (twitter: MarkShurtleff), AG of Utah, last week twittered: his plan to give a go-ahead order to have an inmate executed; the go-ahead order to the Dept of Corrections, and an announcement for the press conference (“as soon as I’m told [the inmate] is dead”). There was some outrage/protest at these tweets, to which […]

“Utility is the only emotion that counts”

After doing a BDW workshop in Toronto, BOARDS magazine, a co-sponsor of the event, invited me to do a piece about a slide in one of my presentations. The slide said “Utility is the only emotion”, an overstatement for sure, but not by so much. BOARDS is sadly closing down, but the piece is still […]