Monthly Archives: February 2010

Nifty Cross-Channel Experience with B&N

B&N’s “pick me up” is a great cross-channel integration. I’m using my fantasy baseball drafts as a reason to finally learn a Mac-OSX database program, specifically FileMaker Pro. According to, “The Missing Manual” for FMP appears to be available at the Park Slope store. I signed up to have someone to reserve the book […]

Just the right amount of jargon

Mastering the use of jargon increasingly seems to be a key to building strong, creative teams and collaborative environments. In the past, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to stamp jargon out of the language of teams I’ve led. Improperly deployed jargon can often be confusing, obfuscating the real meanings under the word […]

It’s Official: I have the Googles and am starting treatment

I’m convinced that there is a condition, that should be in upcoming DSM 😉, of environmentally induced cognitive diminishment. I’m calling it “the Googles” and I believe I suffer from said Googles. I’ve been thinking about this condition since reading Nicholas Carr’s Atlantic article “Is Google Making us Stupid” (my blog bit about it here). […]

What’s up with deckle edge?

I don’t know if I’m just noticing this or if it’s new. But it’s kind of weird — Amazon is touting books that have ‘deckle edge’. I originally thought it was an effect of when books needed the pages cut before reading, but it’s actually an effect of papermilling: Definition: The ragged edge of the […]

Steven Johnson getting things right

Steven Johnson is one of my favorite writers. With the exception of Interface Culture, I would gladly see every one of his books (Everything Bad is Good for You, EMERGENCE, Ghost Map, and even The Invention of Air) be made mandatory reading people in digital design, digital strategy, digital marketing. Johnson goes deep into cognitive […]

Home economics and the iPad (and then I’m done)

Oikos (οἴκος) meaning “House + Nemein (νέμω) meaning “To manage” One of the things the iPad debate is missing is consideration of household and customer decision-making. Many of the conversations out there ask legitimate questions about whether the iPad meets real needs well. Other conversations have legitimate points about how it’s an important step in […]