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Links: Google and Stupidity, iPad, New Years

Nicholas Carr blogs about Eric Schmidt’s evolving thinking about whether Google Makes Us Stupid. Carr wrote the Atlantic article that asked that question. Schmidt initially dismissed it out of hand, but seems to be wondering . . . Darren Barefoot turns out to be even more skeptical than I am of the iPad — arguing […]

iPad == high-end web appliance and that’s it

One of the smartest designers I know gave a typically compact and smart assessment of the iPad: DOA. Apple does better (in the last 10 years or so) when it re-imagines categories, not when it invents them. I’m sure I will regret saying this, but that’s how I feel right now. It does a nice […]

Kindle Fail: Shallowed reading of Bleak House

I finally hit a wall with the Kindle where I could no longer continue reading a book on the device and had to get a pressed-pulp book. The book is Dickens’s Bleak House. The factors that moved it into unKindleable, and which make me think there are serious limits to the academic application of the […]

In your bloodstream: Bradybury, Melville, and the 10,000 hours

I continue to be crotchety about generalism and the speed with which people think they can learn to be something (see crotchety posts here, here, and here. Here too. Oh, and here. God, do I ever stop? Well, no, but this one here isn’t grumpy.). Listening to Studio 360’s podcast about Moby-Dick today (while I […]

Video: “Pie charts suck so beware of them”

Nice Ignite talk by Alex Lundry, who, according to a quick Google hit, does a lot of market and political research and is a consultant to the GOP, has a really great Ignite talk about data viz, visual thinking, and some politics.