Monthly Archives: November 2009

Why study music?: Craft lesson from a piano teacher

I’m starting to look for a piano teacher (my previous teacher has, alas, moved to the west coast. A moment’s homage to her: she was awesome, played my piano beautifully when she walked me through Mozart sonatas and had a fun mix of stern teacher (reflexively pushing my elbows up and straightening my back) and […]

I Know Kung-Fu: Another Curmudgeonly Grump about Craft

Perhaps is because I’m getting old. Perhaps it’s because, having gone through 2.5 career changes and paid my dues/been schooled 2.5 times. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I found this Zen Habits article about how to become amazingly great at something refreshing. I’ve been to so many places where people are going to “get digital” in […]

The War Room Mantra

Briefing a team on interactive is a balance between reductive over-simplification and excessive detailing of requirements. Everyone knows this. It was part of what made planning an art, it’s why agencies struggle with things like channel-neutral briefs. One of the best examples of a project brief comes from the 1993 documentary The War Room. I’ve […]

Early November giddiness

A year ago, I tweeted the following about the election: Nov 4 AM: “Smiling like an idiot at every polling place I pass.” Nov 4 Noon: “Scratch that. I’m smiling like an idiot at everything.” Nov 5 AM: “my face hurts . . . I think I kept smiling in my sleep” Rmembering, I’m smiling […]

Weird tweet on mortality idea

Following the reading of The Power of Full Engagement, I picked up How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci which was frequently cited in the first. It’s a little embarassing to read (one of the times when having a Kindle obscure your reading material comes in handy), but whatever, it has some use. I’ve noticed […]