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Maker Faire Africa

Stop dissing waterfall . . . and remember what it actually means

Waterfall has become a weasel word — a word that has a lot of emotional impact, but has lost its original meaning and replaced it with virtually no meaning at all. For several years, across several environments, I’ve encountered communications or been in meetings where something is labelled as “waterfall” and immediately we talk about […]

The internet & new media as they are meant to be

This video is the kind of thing that originally got me excited about the web and new media tools: someone with a compelling story to tell has the tools to make it engaging and a channel for putting it out there and finding an audience. Leaving aside the politics, this piece adds up to something […]

Krapp’s Last Powerpoint – a play by John Feffer on youTube

KLPP is now on YouTube in ten short segments. A big thanks to Farrah Hassen for filming under challenging conditions (i.e., no space for a tripod, stifling heat). It’s got a nice cinema verite feel! Capital Fringe Festival 2009 production of John Feffer’s almost-one-man play, Krapp’s Last Power Point. Written, directed, and performed by John […]

David Byrne Bike Book (& bike rack vid)

Just saw in his blog that David Byrne has published/will publish Bicycle Diaries an account of his biking around his hometown of NYC and around countries where he’s touring and travelling. It seems kind of cool — after getting hooked on biking in NYC, he started taking a folding bike with him on his travels. […]

The boy who made a windmill

Great story about a 14 yr old boy in Malawi who, unable to afford school, gets his hands on books about windmills and electricity, and then makes windmills that power his house, charge people’s phones and transform the world around him.

My metropathology

A colleague just sent me a link to an MIT student project/installation site, called “Personas: How does the internet see you?”, which is part of a larger exhibit called Metropathologies. You type in your name and it assesses what you are/do/care about based on on-line presence. Fun idea, great animation during the algorithm crunch, surprising […]


I’m taking a two hour class about bio-electricity where I also make a DIY ECG (electro-cardio-gram, the one for the heart). Signed up yesterday, and today, there’s a video of a guy (who’s headed to dental school soon, dunno why, but that seemed an interesting detail to add), who made a really simple one: He […]

Sticking with Goodreads: Recommendations are hard to do

Just signed up for bookarmy this morning. Someone had posted on an old entry of mine that it was pretty good, but first impressions can be killer. Leaving aside some confusing design issues (a mix of authors, readers, reviews, publisher descriptions, and user-generated content threw me off), the first recommendation was beyond terrible. After you […]

Innovation obstacles

Nice cartoon by Tom Fishburne: Featured in his bid to speak at SxSW this year.