Monthly Archives: July 2009

New Notebook Fetish: A Dream Come True

I recently moved from squared Moleskins to blank ones and found it liberating. When I went to the Municipal Art Society’s Urban Center Books store to replenish they were out of stock. But! They had a nifty new (to me) line of notebooks: Whitelines (cue earworm). Lookie! White rules on a grey background. The lines […]

July 4th Poems from a _____ POV

This summer seemed rich (or richer than usual) in social media’s provision of alternative/deeper/more thoughtful views of the 4th of July. Lots of ironic postings, flickrs, and twitpics displaying gluttony or stupid bottle rocket tricks, or song lyrics showing how the 4th, like Christmas, is increasingly detached from its original meaning. Egalitarian Bookworm (chick?), a […]