Monthly Archives: May 2009

Maker Faire Africa Concept

Flying out to MakerFaire in SF tomorrow and continue to be psyched, especially since they are focusing on renewable/sustainable America. But there’s a group trying create a Maker Faire in Africa — even more focused on social consequences and improvements from tinkering/making/experimenting ethos: When discussions of wealth creation and poverty reduction are made in reference […]

Will the Wave answer the promise of the cloud?

One of the funnest things about working in interactive is the tea-leaf reading that happens when screenshots of upcoming apps are released. Windows Longhorn, the annual Macworld run-up, console releases, game beta screens are fodder for endless speculation, geek-talk, and fantasies of what the new app might be. Twitter is all a-twitter about Wave today, […]

Kindle Evolution — nice touch from Amazon

I don’t know if this was always the plan, or if this was an easy thing to do, but I feel well served as a Kindle owner (almost enough to be not pissed about the big Kindle), and impressed by Amazon. Got an email this morning: This is a for-real need I’ve experienced often — […]

Motorcycle Maintenance, Craft, Zen

Many of the times when I’m writing about craft, I’m talking about being close to the work and its intricacies and materials. Last week, I started re-reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a book I last read, appropriately, in 1984 while I was in college. It was a perfect undergrad read: a salad […]

Getting over our techno fears with books

Clive Thompson has a nice, quick piece in WIRED about how technology can help increase reading and readership and why people, particularly publishers should stop bemoaning it. Hits a lot of nice notes, but I most like the way in which it turns reading into a social activity . . . again. Like other markets, […]

MYST on iPhone: A lesson in immersion

Been playing MYST on the iPhone and having fond memories, renewed admiration for the game, and a useful sense of disappointment. Fond Memories I loved MYST when it came out. It was a revelation — a rich, lush world that I simply liked looking at, a strong enough (though not great or self-sustaining) story that […]

Forget calm and carrying on, Get Excited and Make Things

Nice counterpoint to the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster meme that seems to have infected several agencies/digital shops: I’m trying to keep a steady drumbeat, or cadence as marketers like to call it (jargon! I get it!), till MAKER Faire.

MAKErs, Hackers, Tinkerers saving the world

During President Obama’s Inaugural Address, lots of people got jazzed, and many tweeted about supporting, celebrating, and being “”the risk takers, the doers, and the makers of things.” MAKE Magazine is building the Maker Faire and the most recent issue of the magazine about the transformative power of DIY — to innovate,to satisfy, and to […]

Simplest good game ever

Mattel’s electronic football game might be the simplest great game I’ve played. When I posted this to flickr, someone reminded me that the game had a click that got faster and more menacing the longer you rushed for . . . So simple: three direction keys, one bright led, 5 medium ones.

Procedurally Generated City

50 hours, a couple rules, an understanding of emergent systems, and a delicate design touch: