Monthly Archives: March 2009

HSCU: my twitter history highlights

Following a blog post from Collision Detection I downloaded my entire twitter history (I think it was entire . . . I seem to have fewer sober tweets than I remember). For the most part, I am every bit as banal as the recent twitter spoof, but I like to think it’s my own banality. […]

A colleague engages Orwell . . . brilliantly

From someone who recently re-read Politics and the English Language: In reference to the not unknown work by Orwell that you had previously referenced, I felt it incumbent in this particular instance to not as we might say – toe the line – and relay my experience of the aforementioned work despite the fact of […]

100 words that make me smart

I just bought a silly iPhone app (it’s been a while, I suppose) that will teach me the 100 words I need to use to make me sound smart. Pretty disappointing list: accolade acrimony angst anomaly antidote avant-garde baroque bona-fide boondoggle bourgeois bravado brogue brusque byzantine cacophony camaraderie capricious carte blanche Catch-22 caustic charisma cloying […]

Orwell continues to guide

Working through a presentation with a co-worker recently and found myself referring to Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language“. I downloaded it for my Kindle, read it on the subway ride home. I forgot how funny and cutting Orwell is and how much passion there is behind his plain language. One passage covers it all: […]

Holy crap, I got goosebumps

I only watched this cuz Presentation Zen told me to. Half-way through, I was bored and wondering if Zen had lost his touch, then wow … Reminds me of the Martin Amis’s Time’s Arrow the story of concentration camp butcher/doctor told in reverse — where by simply changing the direction of a narrative, not only […]

gotta love mcsweeney’s recently

I’ve been realizing just how grateful to McSweeney’s I am. The Joke Book and Book Jokes, Mountain Man Dance Moves, and