Monthly Archives: October 2008

City Ritual: Unknown Subway Substance

In a crowded subway, this was sitting on a seat. For forty minutes, a stream of people eagerly approached the empty seat, spotted the napkin, momentarily considered moving it/asking about it before deciding to stand. I’ve been very pissy about the small town == real comments recently (I grew up in a small town, now […]

Ralph Ellison: Early Hacker/Maker

Re-reading Ralph Ellison’s amazing Living with Music. The title essay is an excerpt from an article Ellison did for High Fidelity(!) magazine. The setting is his early days as a struggling writer living in a back-room, first floor apartment, surrounded by record players on the left, a singer above, and an airshaft/courtyard with variously entertaining, […]


I’m a little late to this . . . The NYT has been creating a developer network and slowly opening APIs. Last week, they opened an API to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) database. When we first started talking about creating and releasing APIs for databases collected by The Times, campaign finance data from the […]

to the finish line

From today’s, an interesting insight into Obama, a surprising toughness, and leadership in long campaigns: Indeed, Barack Obama himself hopped on a nationwide all-staff conference call Friday to emphasize this point to the troops. Pledging to “come down hard” on anyone getting “too cocky,” Obama specifically and pre-emptively called out any semblance of lack […]

TimeOut Azeroth: Social Calendar in WoW

World of Warcraft‘s newest “Echoes of Doom” patch was a big one sizewise. Getting ready for the “Lich King” expansion pack, probably. (This expansion pack will add a new world and the possibility of advancing ten more levels. In general, they’re a big deal, and almost always worth the fuss.) When I loaded this one, […]

Nice service from St Annes Warehouse/Theater

I just got this email from St Annes, a favorite performance space in DUMBO: Not only was the reminder about being on time helpful, but I had it in my calendar incorrectly. Takes nothing to remind people of tickets that they have, give out dinner recommendations, etc. Should have put directions or address in, though.

Design Culture

From Do you matter: How great design will make people love your company: [iPod reference omitted cuz I just can’t stand it anymore] … you have to start with design that’s “designed in” not “added on”. It can’t be a veneer. Design is not an event or a process you apply to physical and mechanical […]

Yet another book on design as key to business

. . . but this one has promise. Called Do you matter? How great design will make people love your company. I grabbed it at the airport last week and read most of it on the flight out. It’s got a lot of the usual examples (BMW, Apple, contrast to Dell), but it focuses a […]

Ocean Parkway as stoop

I love biking along Ocean Parkway, which is almost the entire route from our apartment to Coney Island. It’s a wild mix of people and architecture and I love watching the old guys watching other old guys play chess and backgammon, sometimes with the boards on their knees. Today’s NYT had a nice article about […]

I’ve learned to like Bush

as a person . . . and I think that’s a healthy thing . . . really. Not long after the Republican convention, there was a Facebook group called “Intelligent Women Against Palin.” At the time I remember twittering something like “[kipbot] thinks intelligent ______ against anything republican kind of proves their point.” Leaving aside […]