Monthly Archives: August 2008

My illiteracy: Shoulda shoulda shoulda

Just came across references to the NEA Big Read Meme in Cocktail Party Physics.  The NEA is trying to “designed to restore reading to the center of American culture”, a worthy goal questionably stated.  I would think a Trojan horse approach (reading that entertains, books that are fun) would work better than a return to […]

Another reason to love Brooklyn

Kid in my neighborhood, just back from magic camp, doing card tricks on his stoop for tips and the pleasure of performing. He had moves too, shuffles, lifts and patter had us mystified. In between tricks he was reading Ian Fleming! This kid will go far.

What a crap ad

Just saw this ad: when you move your mouse, the little lemming/candidates follow it.

Make things that you will like

In the last month, there has been a cognitive convergence about personal taste as a source of design and creativity. The documentary The Pixar Story has John Lasseter and team talking about how they make movies they want to watch. Seth Rogen, in a pre-Pineapple Express release interview told the NYT that he and his […]

Handy Design for the Casual Shooter

… of .22 guns, that is. I recently bought a .22 Plinkster long rifle for target practice (only) at my place upstate. The clip for the gun holds up to 10 cartridges (according to the manual, but I can only get 9 in). The box for the cartridges comes in a clever little case: The […]

Art & Public Spaces in Our Lives

Doing some work-related research, I came across two quotes about the role of public art and museums in our lives: The only reason for bringing together works of art in a public place is that … they produce in us a kind of exalted happiness.  For a moment there is a clearing in the jungle, […]

The human side of art

Walking through the National Gallery of Art the other day, I was lucky enough to catch this shot of a man repairing the iconic Calder mobile in the lobby: I’ve always enjoyed Calder (at Storm King Art Center, especially, but also the more intimate Calder’s Circus), but this was revealing on several levels. Of course, […]

Design Advice from Stephen Colbert

From a NY Times article about Jon Stewart’s status as one of the most trusted journalists in America, a nice quote from Stephen Colbert about the craft of satire.  It can apply to so many things where you are looking at the difference between amusing and brilliant, mockery and satire, good and great: “We often […]