Monthly Archives: May 2008

Associative Inspiration at PS 22

Biking past PS 22 in Crown Heights, I saw some cool fence decorations. From a distance, they looked like old guild symbols, and I thought perhaps this was a magnet school around science and technology. On closer inspection, they were much more: twisty lines of metal text suggesting shapes aspiring to be objects that thought […]

Windows 7 Preview — cover flow, XO wheel

Crunchgear has some screenshots of a working version of Windows 7 — about three years out from its projected release date. Looks like they’re going with cover flow: Though I’m totally digging the more robust system tray area. Nice idea to take advantage of better bigger monitors with some widget-y stuff. There are also a […]

Advertising Immortality

Not sure how I feel about this . . .

Monitoring political violence via SMS

From AfroMusing’s photostream on flickr, a program that allows people to report violence through SMS. The objectives for reporting, listed in the poster below are: mobilization, study and tracking, assistance, awareness- and fund-raising. UnitedforAfrica maps reported incidents:

Small Memorials are worth a look . . .

There’s a small park just east of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I’ve played chess at the tables near the entrance literally dozens of times over the thirteen years I’ve lived in Brooklyn. But it was only today, while I was riding my bike along Eastern Parkway, that I looked at the memorial. The park is […]

Mars Phoenix is my anthropomorphic robot friend

But will it be my FB friend?

Jupiter on Flickr – Photo Sharing

I’ve blogged about this guy before, but this is one of those places where amateur is really cool.  Flintstone Stargazer is a flickr contact who does astro-photography (as well as other kinds).  In addition to posting his astro-pics, he also posts pictures of his equipment set-ups, the impromptu devices he makes to get things to […]

Critique of cover flow from Apple (sort of)

TechCrunch, while writing about something else (Flowww, a visualized RSS feed algorithm), backs into a critique of the Apple cover flow mode: The other issue I have is that, while the site is pretty, the Cover Flow metaphor just doesn’t work for me as a navigational tool. It is too slow and it forces you […]

Lo-rez, lo-fps, embrace of artifice == lessons for digital creativity

The most artistic thing about theatrical [and] advantage of the small theatre is that you are looking through a small window. Has not everyone noticed how sweet and startling any landscape looks when seen through an arch? This strong, square, this shutting off of everything else, is not only an assistance to beauty; it is […]

Things learned (and confirmed) from Kindle Nownow

Kindle is fast becoming a bigger conversational go-to for me than wikipedia on the iPhone.  Last night, while hanging with my friends (and cultural guides) Tom and Donna, I shared my story about being a real “trouper” versus “trooper”.  This brought up other phrases, like “the proof of the pudding” (or the proof is in […]