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Taking Back Design (and the Twitter/Armano effect)

I’m reading Rick Poyntor’s article in I.D., Down with Innovation, which David Armano twittered yesterday: So, despite the advance billing, I’m actually digging the article. Poyntor, whose books I have enjoyed off and on over the years, has a really interesting point — that design has become so important, businesses feel they they have to […]

A lifetime of reading . . . is actually quite small

People who don’t read fiction sometimes annoy me.  They can be so smug about how frivolous it is to read stories that aren’t factual.  While I can hardly argue that my genre binges are improving books, they’ll extend this argument to the good stuff even. Most of them are fun and charming, though, and defending […]

“Flipper feels soft”: The last pinball machines

NYT article today about the last pinball machine manufacturer. One of those articles that makes me love living in NY and love the Times. The article is a reporter’s dream: a small world of pinball fanatics (including a “historian of the sport”), a 62-year old owner who yells at his employees for not playing enough […]

Spoiler Alerts for Classics

After lunch with a politically like-minded friend, I decided to read Germinal, one of those books I’ve felt guilty for not having read for many years now — and which he had recently read and was raving about. Check out the elegant advisory that there are spoilers below . . . as if there were […]

Harold & Kumar 2! + a registration thing

I can’t remember if I liked the first Harold and Kumar movie.  I LOVED the DVD menu, though (*), seriously.  Anyway, I’m very excited about Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay.  I love Kal Penn (who’s in House, some charming movie about fobidden love outside of one’s ethnicity, and, sadly, was in the last […]

Eco-phemera: Blackle

I generally enjoy, admire, groove on all the clever things people come up with to save energy and be greener.  Blackle is no exception, though I’m wondering whether all the cool things I like sharing are adding up to something.  Anyway, here’s blackle’s explanation of what it’s doing: Blackle was created by Heap Media to […]

NYT, sense of wonder and hyperlinks

David Brooks doesn’t usually inspire me, or inspire me to even read him with the chance of getting inspired, but a piece that he did yesterday, describing the modern depletion of imagination, was terrific and made me want more, but now I’m adrift and have much too much work to do to get it. The […]

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The Nation on the Kindle — scanning versus finding

Fun, spot-on, surprisingly techno-friendly take on the Kindle from a columnist at The Nation. The Kindle displays only the text of publications, and I missed the pictures as well as the ability to read a whole article without clicking the next page bar every ten seconds. I realized I was accustomed to seeing headlines for […]

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