Monthly Archives: February 2008

Silly Moments on Social Networks

We’re tight. We talk about Beethoven, the glory of the 17th century novel, slivovitz, and women. I’m still waiting for George Orwell to confirm details of how we know each other. I wonder if he’s read any of my stuff . . .

Bottom of the T: Michelangelo & Carrara Marble

I just learned that Michelangelo spent of a total of four years of his life in the quarries of Carrara. (The smart move would be to do the pretentious white guy thing and say, “this morning I was reminded of a tidbit from art history”, but . . . I’d get caught.) Anyway, biographers piecing […]

Stick a pin in it and it dies

In my first week at college, I picked up a great line from my micro-econ professor. This was in the 80s, a decade before Freakonomics, but at the beginning of the discipline’s awareness of it mathematicization. The professor said something like this: You’ll learn theorems and laws in this class, and you’ll pick up some […]

Grounding Abstract Methods in Design Needs

Two articles, once again from Todd Walker, highlight how research (or research-driven techniques) needs to be (re)-grounded in the needs of design. The first, Design Meets Research from AIGA,  has a useful survey of leading testing techniques and provides some pros and cons about each of them.  In the middle of the piece is a […]

Wisdom applied to Number Crunching

Terrific TNR article referred to me by Todd Walker describes how the Obama team uses data and wonky policy techniques in a way that seems relevant for many of us in an increasingly number-rich, -doused, -drenched, -dictated world. The article starts with a description of the influence of neo-classical refiner Richard Thaler: Behaviorists like Thaler […]

Recession Marketing Experiment

Digital agency folks have been talking about what to do with clients who are cutting back in a recession. One of the responses that digitals often have is: ‘invest more in our channel. We are accountable, we are measurable, we can prove hard business results.’ Hard business results usually means that we can transact and […]

Salon des Refuse, only friendlier: BIL & TED

As TED quickly becomes an establishment kind of thing, it now seems inevitable (I think I’ve used an inevitable construction twice today and I’ve only been awake for 1.5 hours!), that there would be a response. BIL loves TED. TED is a great place to sit and listen to interesting ideas. Many of those ideas […]

Generative World Design: Love

Not sure I completely understand this, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun is reporting an MMORPG which is being created by one developer (Eskil Steenburg) who is using generative design techniques to create his world. The idea of a single programmer/artist creating anything game-like is exciting in the age of 30 person EA teams being needed for […]

Fun ways to re-greek your text

Konigi has a post today about Blind Text Generator, shown below: It’s got the traditional greek more accurately labelled with the Latin Cicero, it’s got some Kafka text (from Metamorphosis) and does a nice job chopping it up into paragraphs, and character counts. The Konigi post has some comments about the laziness of using greek: […]

3 x 5 Aphorisms

Fun site, called Indexed, spoofs business graphs and charts for laughs and sometimes insight with charts done on 3×5 index cards. Found this one reproed on Presentation Zen: It was used in reference to the describe the way in which Obama was originally praised for his oratorical skills and is now being criticized as more […]